Infinity’s reveal / Откровение бесконечности. Thank you

Just Someone

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«Hey… Is there anyone? Is there anyone?!!!! Hello! Where are all the people?????» — no one was answering…

«What is happening? Why am I alone?.. Totally alone…»

No one was answering… No one.

She was totally alone. Her name was Infinity… And she was totally alone…

She has lived for a very long time… Or to be more appropriate she has never lived… And at the same time she has lived forever… That’s what happens… And not only in the movies…

Infinity could do anything… She could create anything… She could destroy anything… She could do anything… All her dreams were coming true.. Anything she wanted.. There was only one problem in that world: she was absolutely alone… Absolutely.. And that’s why she was so sad…

But she could create anything.. For example, a bag of money… Or the most beautiful sunset in the world… And she could sit on the cloud, watch all that beauty and dream…

Sometimes she turned on the stars… When she felt that they were annoying her, she turned them off… Then she turned them on once again… And she had a dream.. She was dreaming that one day someone will sit with her on the cloud… She really believed that one day she will meet someone and make friendship with him… She was looking for him for a very long time… But she was still alone… still alone… very long time..

She even didn’t know what is time… She had lots of time… infinite amount.. But she didn’t know how to spend it…

You can ask how she looked like… Good question.. Nohow.. She didn’t look like anything… She was nothing. And at the same time she was everything.. She was everything..

She could be anything… She could take any role… She could be a stone, and she could be a bird… She could be a tree in the forest, or she could be a cloud.. But other trees never answered her… She was always alone. Alone in the universe.. The only voice she could ever hear was her own echo.. And nothing else..

That’s how she lived..

Once she was sitting on the cloud and watching one more sunset.. It was very beautiful… She liked it so much.. To be honest she liked to admire things… She was creating something and then she admired it… like she had seen it for the first time.. For example, she created something a sunset or a sky with lots of stars and then she started to admire it… And it disappeared. At that moment the game stopped… She created things to admire them.. And when she admired them, they disappeared..

So one day she was sitting on the cloud and watching the sunset… And she decided to create one more cloud near her.. And she decided to put someone else on that cloud.. She knew that all her wishes come true.. And she created one more creature… Someone who looks like Infinity.. It was the first time she was doing that..

She was really afraid.. «What will happen?»

But she did it..

So she is sitting on the cloud.. And thinking: «Wow! I love that sunset… It is so beautiful… Wow..»

The sunset disappears… And she hears beside her:

«Wow! I love that sunset… It is so beautiful… Wow..»

It was not like an echo..

She looked left.. There is a cloud.. And someone is sitting on the cloud.. And he is looking at her, at Infinity…

«Hi,» Infinity thinks…

«Hi,» the answer…

«Infinity,» she says.


«I see… It’s my mirror… My copy.. So stupid… I don’t need it..» she thought.

The same thoughts near her..

«Oh you are so cool… Wow.. I love you so much…» she tried to create that thoughts.. But it was not sincere.. And nothing happened. She didn’t admire the situation… She was afraid, to be honest… She didn’t know what will happen next… And at the same time she didn’t want to lose her new friend..

Then she decided to change everything..

«I don’t want him to repeat after me..»

He stopped

And they were looking at each other in full silence.. She showed him the stars, the seas, the cities.. They were walking all the time.. So she wasn’t alone… Finally..

Her new friend stopped repeating after her, but he was always silent.. He never created anything himself.. He was making only things which Infinity wanted from him…

Infinity was bored..

«I don’t like it.. He never answers..» she thought

And she decided: «I want him to have his own consciousness.»

She had enough, so she could give a part to her new friend..

And she did it. He became really independent..

They could read each other’s thoughts, but from that moment each one had his own thoughts…

So once Infinity was alone…

And she thought of her new friend: «He should never know that I had created him.. Never.. I should forget myself I had created him.. I should forget it… So now he will never know..»

So she did it.. She knew that maybe it’s the worst decision in her life.. So she made everything to forget that she had created her new friend.. And at the same time she lost her ability to control him. She couldn’t now do anything with her new friend, because she could affect only what she had created herself… But she forgot she had created him… She didn’t create him.. So now he was the only one who could do anything with himself… He has his own consciousness, he can do anything he wants and he doesn’t need any permission from anyone else… Full freedom..

Usually no matter where Infinity was coming, she always knew where all the things were situated… She was the owner of all that, so she never found anything interesting.. But…

Once upon a time she sees one subject.. It is very strange.. It has four legs, a back and a sit.. Then she sees a creature with the head, two legs, two hands, two eyes, two ears, a nose and a mouth..

«Hello,» Infinity said.. «I didn’t know someone else is here.. I’ve never seen anyone here..»

«Never say never..» she heard..

She felt herself uncomfortable after these words.. But she didn’t understand why.

«Hello you too.. Sorry I didn’t say hello at the beginning. My name is Luke. And yours?»

«Nice to meet you. In…» she thought her real name could frighten him…«Inny…»

«What a stupid name,» she thought..

«Nice name,» he said. «Very nice..»

«Thank you, Luke. What’s this?»

«It’s the chair.»


«Well, it is used to sit on it.. Look.»

And he put there that creature with eyes and hands..

«Aah, I got it.. As for me, I usually sit on the clouds..»

«Will you show me?»

She couldn’t believe that she finally wasn’t alone..

«Leave that body and let’s go for a walk, mister Luke..»

Luke left it right there.. And they went away… Flew away.

«Do you want me to show you what I can?» Inny asked.

«Of course.»

«Then turn away.»

And she created one cloud. Then she created one more.. Then she created the sun and the sea.. She painted the sky in pink and blue colors.. She never made it so beautiful..

«Sit down..»

They sat, each one on his own cloud.. And the sunset has started. Inny started to put the sun under the horizon.. It was very beautiful.. And when the sun went down, she asked Luke to turn away one more time.. At that time she put lots of little stars on the dark sky… He turned back. And they started to watch all that beauty..

Suddenly it became cold..

«Did you make it yourself?» he was asking about the temperature.

«Yes.. I made it for us not to be bored..»

«Do you want me to teach you how to make this all disappear..?»

«Well, show me.»

«Just watch me.»

And she started to admire all that cold and the sky with the stars..

«Wow.. It is so cold.. It is so nice we have all this diversity… So beautiful… I’ve never seen it before.. Wow…»

She usually admired things like she has seen them for the first time..

Everything disappeared…

«Wow… How are you doing that?»

He just gave Inny that thought..

«I’m here for a very long time… Very long.. And you? What about you, Luke?»

«I don’t remember..»

Inny felt a great sympathy to Luke after that words.. It was mutual..


So they started to play different games…

Each one created his own world. And they invited each other there…

Sometimes Inny came to Luke to drink some tea.. And sometimes Luke was visiting Inny to watch the cinema..

That’s how they were living.. They were living and living… For a very long time.. It was a nice friendship.. It was a nice time.. They didn’t need anyone else.. They liked what was happening… And everything was okay.. It was a nice friendship…


So once Inny came to Luke’s place.. Luke was living in a house.. She entered it..

And inside the house she saw something on the wall. It was written «HELLO» there.

She asked: «What’s this, Luke?» she didn’t understand the meaning of the word..

«Inny, you should know that!» he was joking..

«Luke, tell me!»



«You should guess yourself!!»

«No! Tell me!!!»

They started to argue.. In the end Inny went out of the house full of tears and she ran home..

She was very sad.. She thought that Luke is awful.. She really wanted to admire that situation, but she couldn’t.. She had no result in that..

After some time she came back to Luke’s house.. She decided to make a revenge.. And she burned his favorite tree. Luke was sleeping at that time..

Then she went home..


Inny was sitting at home..

«Oh my God… What have I done? What have I done?? Oh my God.. He will never forgive me..»

«I’ll tell him I didn’t do it..» Inny decided.. And went to sleep..

On the next day Luke came to Inny’s place..

«Why did you burn my tree?»

«It’s not me..»

«Then who else?.. We are alone here, Inny..»

«I don’t know.»


Luke went away.

And after some time he burnt Inny’s planet.. Inny burnt Luke’s planet.. They were immortal, it was not a problem for them..

Inny got ill. Luke came to visit her..

She was living in a new house..

«I’m sorry,» he said. «Do you need any help?»

«Go away! It’s your fault!!»

And she put on her house a big sign «I HATE YOU!!»

She was very angry at him..

She decided never to communicate with him..

«He is so bad..» she thought.

«Oh my god.. What should I do now? I have no one to tell all this.. Who is my friend now.. I’m so tired…» Inny was lost..

And she got the idea!

«I don’t want to live all my life alone..» «I need a new friend!»

Inny was inspired..

One-two-three! Ready!

One more creature.. All the same.. Create.. and then forget you had created him.. It’s more interesting..



«Nice to meet you. A walk?»

And they went down the bridge which was between Inny’s and Luke’s worlds..

Inny was remembering the moments when they were meeting with Luke together on that bridge and talking.. That moments were the best in her life.. No one understood her as good as Luke..

So now Luke’s world started with the computer, where you need to enter a password… You can’t enter without a password..

Inny decided to tell Salt about everything..

«Can you imagine? How could he…»

And suddenly, really suddenly, Luke appears..

He is going down the bridge and thinking of Inny.. He is thinking how they would come to peace and everything will be okay.. He is thinking how he would write a letter to her and explain the meaning of the word Inny didn’t understand..

But he sees Inny and Salt..

First of all he doesn’t understand.. What is happening? It is very hard for him to believe.. When he understands it is true he runs as fast as possible home and starts shouting..

«How could she!! How could she!!! I’ll make her unhappy.. Yes! I’ll make her unhappy!!»

Inny had a very big planet.. And it was very beautiful.. Near Inny’s house there was a field.

Luke created a new creature.. Her name was Love.. It was his first creature…

Luke invited Love to Inny’s planet.. They came to that field and made a picnic near Inny’s house.. They took the best food in the world and put it on a blanket.. Luke started to play the guitar.. He played different songs for his friend. She was eating strawberries and listening to music..

Inny was at home..

«What’s that?» she heard the sounds..

She looked out the window..


She was shocked..

«I’ll show you who’s Inny..»

And she made one very bad thing.. She made one more creature.. And she programmed it to make evil things.. And she directed the actions of that creature against Luke and she made it so that Luke wouldn’t guess anything…

So the name of that creature was Death.. All that she was doing was finding Luke and making him die somehow.. But it was always a surprise for Luke.. Of course, Luke didn’t die himself, but he often lost his bodies and he had to start the game from the beginning all the time..

Death always looked very beautiful..

Luke really liked her appearance.. She was beautiful, but very mean..

Inny started to regret what she had done. But it was too late.. She couldn’t turn off the programme.. Or to be more appropriate, Inny couldn’t influence Death, because Inny didn’t remember she created her.. So Inny decided that the only thing she deserves now is the revenge to herself..

So she made everything to get bad things from Death… Death stopped killing Luke.. She started killing Inny..

It was very difficult for Inny to fight Death.. She became very tired.. She didn’t know what to do..

At that moment Salt, Inny’s best friend, was her servant.. He was accomplishing all her orders.. Inny became very lazy, and Salt was helping her very much.. Inny asked Salt to help her with Death. But even that was not enough.. If Salt killed Death, she became born again and continued doing what she was doing.. It was not enough..

So Inny started to create a team.. Her purpose was to fight Death..

Inny created one more creature.

The creature was very kind.. Then she created one more creature.. And she programmed them to fight evil..

Life became beautiful.. You don’t have to do anything.. Someone is fighting someone.. And Inny can lie on the sofa..

And Inny gets bored..

It’s not as interesting as before.. No games.. No problems..

And Inny decides to create the whole city on her planet with lots of citizens in it.. What? It’s more interesting..

First of all, she burns everything to start from the beginning. Now it’s much easier for her to burn everything than to admire it.. She almost lost the ability to admire things..

Inny created the seas, the forests, the fields and the oceans.. Everything was very beautiful.. Well, it was not even just a city.. It was a whole planet.. Near the planet Inny created a very bright star.. She called it Shiney. Inny asked the planet to move around that star.. With the same speed all the time.. And the planet was very interesting… You could be above the planet, under the planet, on the side of the planet, but you never fall down.. That planet was pulling everyone in.. When the planet was turning face to face to Shiney, there was a day, and when it turned back, there was night..

«Now we finally have time here!»

Luke, the old friend of Inny, was watching all that.. Inny didn’t see him. He was watching without the body.. She could feel him, but she was too busy and it was more difficult for her to use her abilities.. Inny has already been considering herself as something material at that time.. She really liked that game — objects, people, bodies..

Inny continued creating her planet..

«Now it’s the best time to put here some people..»

And many people appeared on the planet.. They had eyes, hands and many other things for happy life.. Lots of people.. And of course they were not just people.. They were immortal spirits.. But they had human bodies.. And no one forced them to have that bodies.. Inny just gave them the opportunity to live.. And they all could decide which way to live..

Inny created adults and kids.. And she started to rule that planet..

So they all started to live.. As it was always…

Most of all people on that planet were very kind, but not all of them.. Some of them were mean.. Inny took effort to make it..


Inny really liked to rule the planet.. She could do anything she wanted. She could create any laws.. And she was doing that very good, people liked that.. Everyone was admiring her very much.. They loved her.. And she liked it.. She was very kind. She really liked people.. And she loved when people started to have some problems.. Because she loved to help people solve their problems..

Almost every person was making some good things to other people.. For example, someone was selling the flowers.. Someone was baking the bread.. Someone was working in the theater.. Someone was drawing the pictures.. And people exchanged things.. Unless one clever man created the money.. And Inny approved it.. So people started to use the money..

People created a language which they used to talk..

Sometimes people were dying and then they were born again.. In new bodies..

So that’s how they were living.. And they remembered everything.. Every person remembered everything that happened to him before.. A person didn’t remember only the things he didn’t want to remember.. But he could remember everything.. If he wanted..

He had an ideal memory..

What about Luke? What was he doing?

Inny’s old friend who was living down the bridge.. He developed his own planet.. It was really advanced.. Very modern..

There was lots of different technics.. There were powerful robots which were controlled by the spirits.. And there was no nature.. Absolutely.. It was not needed there..

And Inny didn’t need Luke.. She even didn’t remember about him. She played her own game and she didn’t touch anyone.. Why should you remember your old games when you have new ones?

Luke sent Inny an invitation.

«Inny, come to my planet. I’ll show you what I’ve done.. I’m in the same place, down the bridge.. The password is 8-8-8-8. See you. Luke.»

Inny decided to come.

She was really surprised when she saw the planet.. She felt like they were competing with Luke..

«I see you are doing good..» she said.

She was in a beautiful red dress. It was a special dress for the trips.. She had curly white hair.. Very beautiful..

People called Inny the Queen on her planet, and Luke was the King..

«How are you doing, Inny?»

«Not bad, not bad» she answered.. «Not worse than you.»

She was very cold in her talk.. She didn’t feel any sympathy to Luke..

They were together almost all day.. Luke made Inny an excursion.. He showed her his achievements..

«Luke, I want your planet..»

«Are you kidding? This is my planet..»

Inny really liked that planet.. All that machines.. Luke was very clever.

«Luke, I want this planet..»

She really liked it..

«No, Inny, you should create your own..»

«Okay.. I’m going home..»

It was evening.

The carriage was waiting on the bridge. It was white with golden drawings on it.. Horses brought Inny home..

People missed Inny very much..

Next day Inny decided to walk around her planet.. And she saw some interesting things..

First of all, she saw that people got really fixed on money.. Money became their main purpose.. They have been getting less delight from the activity itself and they were thinking where to take more money..

Also Inny saw that some people started to explore life.. They called themselves the philosophers.. They were looking for the answers… It scared Inny..

And one more thing.. Inny started to watch married couples.. Many of them were very happy. Husbands.. Wives.. They liked that game.. Inny didn’t know that you can be so happy with your partner.

And Inny made some decisions..

First of all, she decided to marry.. Secondly, she set some limits for people.. From that moment you could have not more than one apartment or house and not more than 100 000 units of money every month.. «I don’t want them to be fixed on money,» she thought.

The next decision was about ruling the planet.. She made the law according to which the only person who could be the next ruler was the son or the daughter of the present Queen or King. She made it to be the Queen of that planet all the time. She didn’t want to lose her power..

So she could be born in that family all the time and continue ruling the planet..

And what about the philosophers..

She decided to watch their activity. She didn’t forbid it. She decided that she will forbid it if she sees anything strange.. She was afraid they could find the truth..

So Inny started to think who could be her husband.. And she remembered of Salt..

At that moment he continued being her servant.. But no one knew him… And Inny thought: «It would be so nice if he could make me a proposal..»

Inny and Salt had a good understanding of each other.. Not perfect, but not bad. It was the best option on the planet..

So right that day he made Inny a proposal..

«Oh wow! Such a surprise! Wow! I didn’t expect that!» she said. And they made a wedding.. She said yes, of course..

So they were together for one month..

«Salt.. You should know one thing.. I want to have one more planet..»

«What do you mean?»

«Life is so boring, Salt.. All the same every day.. I want to change something.. I need one more planet.. I saw it some time before. Do you remember I told you about Luke? It is his planet.. And I want it to be mine..»

«I got you.. What should we do?»

«I’ll write him a letter.»

And she wrote a letter to Luke.. There was the text: «Dear Luke, I want your planet.. I’m asking you for the last time..» She sent a bird with that letter..

The answer was almost immediate.. There was an electronic letter: «No way..»


And she announced to the whole planet:

«From now every man who is more than 18 years old should study as a warrior. Every man studies as much as he needs.. It depends on his speed. I will give the next directions..»

Inny ordered her servants to send the invitations to all the guys of that age..

So from that moment there was a place on that planet where the warriors were studying..

And when one thousand men studied enough, Inny ordered her servants to bring them to her:

«Listen carefully. We are going to attack another planet. It would be a war. It means we are going to fight for their territory.. We need to kill everyone on that planet.. And then we can have that planet.. So now I’m your boss, I will tell you everything… You have no choice, guys. When there is night on that planet you are going to start. You will have the earphones and the microphones, I will tell you what to do. If you have any questions during the war just tell me via the microphone.»

And the war started..

Inny was sitting in her controlling centre. It was an office with several staff members.. They were in touch with the warriors. The Queen knew what was happening during the war..

It was a war between robots and people.. People were losing.. The robots were too strong.. They killed some of the warriors.. One of the warriors had seen one interesting thing before he died. It was a red button on the back of one of the robots. He told the Queen about it and died. She told one of the warriors to push that red button.. After that the robot turned off. Then the Queen gave the order to turn off all the robots by pushing that button.. She asked the warriors to do it very carefully.. It was done.. And then the Queen asked to tie Luke and to bring him to her planet.. Luke had a human body.. The warriors brought Luke to Inny’s planet and then they put him in jail as the Queen asked.

The Queen sent her servants and the warriors to Lu ke’s planet and told them to take a look around the planet.. She wanted to understand, what’s happening there, how the machines work..


The Queen went to see Luke.

She looked at his eyes through the bars. He started to laugh loudly..

«What’s happening, Luke? Are you happy?»

«You will never understand my machines, Inny.. Never… I knew how to use them. My people knew.. But you don’t know.. We had the rule on our planet: you can never push the red button. The only exception was when the robot was dying and there was no opportunity to help him. At that moment we pushed the button. But we never killed anybody!! It was the worst crime on our planet.. But now it’s not.. We don’t have the planet anymore.. So if you try to turn on the robots one more time you will fail.. You need real spirits to turn them on, but all these spirits are already here I guess.. One day I wanted to come to peace, Inny.. I thought we will get through all this.. But you made the worst thing ever.. The worst..»

She came to the security guard of jail and took his gun.

«I hate you, Luke!» she shot him in his heart.


The laws on Inny’s planet were very interesting.. If someone killed someone it was very awful and he went to prison. But Inny could do anything as she was the Queen. So if she killed someone, nothing happened.


In the north of the planet there was a new man born.. It was Luke. His mother and father loved him so much.. They were raising him like a very beautiful flower…

By the way, the thing is that no one was forced to live on that planet.. Everyone had a choice..

And everyone had an opportunity to understand who he is and where he is.. Some of the creatures left the planet and never came back.. That creatures made their own worlds and played their own games.. And they were happy..

Some people really liked Inny’s planet… You don’t have to decide anything… You are just a citizen аnd many things are solved without you… But everyone had a choice to stay on that planet or not…


Luke was already 22. He had many friends. At that moment he was finishing his university as a medical worker.. So one day he gathered his friends together in a cafe. And he started his speech..

«I know how to apply our knowledge.» They all were finishing medical university. «Life is too boring on this planet.. I want us to have fun… Just a little bit.. We will not do it for a long time… We’ll just have some fun and then we’ll stop..»

«So…» Sunders was waiting was the information… It was Luke’s best friend..

«I created the science which will help us to heal the people.. but not physically, but mentally.. We will heal the people who have mental disorders..»

«Really? But there are no mental disorders on this planet.. All the people are happy, everyone is doing his favorite job..» Sunders answered..

«That’s the problem! No mental disorders!! Too boring.. Let’s create them! And we will have some ill people.. And when we heal them, the Queen will say ’thank you’..»

«Guys, I’m leaving,» one of them said. And went away.

«No problem!» Luke said.. «We can do it without him..»

«Okay, Luke. What’s the purpose of all that?» Sunders asked..

«Look. We are finishing our medical university.. Yes? Now we need to heal the people.. But there are lots of people who help others physically.. But no one is healing the people mentally. Don’t you think that there are people who are unhappy? Do you think that everyone is happy? I want us to help the people mentally.. We will save their souls.. Sounds good, yes? I know, we will have to create some mental disorders.. I understand.. But we will create the cure also. Isn’t it funny? I think it is.. I’ll tell you all the details. Who’s with us?»

Luke’s friend Mick answered:

«Luke, I trust you in everything. I’m your friend!»

«Great!» Luke answered.

«I’m in,» Love said not being totally sure..

Luke and Sunders stayed alone and Luke said:

«Look, to be honest this Queen is a very bad person.. You can’t imagine how bad she is.. I want to show her who rules here… Yeah, we will have some problems… Some people will feel themselves bad, I know.. Some people will die… I know that.. The thing is that we will not heal the people, we will just pretend we are healing them.. But when the Queen will see my abilities, she will see who I am, she will ask me to forgive her… Yes.. Because if she doesn’t do that, the people will die more and more.. We will make it all legal and she will not be able to close us.. And if she tries we will think of something else… So, are you in? You will help me a lot.. We will sacrifice some people, but we will achieve the peace in the whole world… I thing the Queen is now making a plan how to do something bad.. We can stop her.. Let’s try…»

«Okay, Luke.. I trust you..»


At that time the Queen was in her palace.. During the last time she was constantly feeling like someone was following her… She was really afraid.. She came to her husband.

«Listen. It feels like someone is following us.. We need to create a new language only we will understand.. No one should understand us..»

«Okay,» Salt always agreed with the Queen..

And they started to create the language..


What about Luke? He was not relaxing… Working, working, working…

He was working with his team on his project. They created a special language to call the disorders (which they made up) and to talk to each other. They didn’t want anyone to understand them…

So… Everything was ready, and the «Centre for healing mental disorders» was opened!! There were balloons, Luke with his beautiful speech and the ribbon cutting ceremony..

The Queen was there..

But she didn’t understand it was Luke.

She didn’t feel his thoughts, they were too far away from each other..


So the planet changed.. There were people who were healing everyone from different illnesses.. All the illnesses you can imagine..

For example, feeling shame.. Or too good mood.. Or love to sweets.. Or too often falling in love.. And so on..

People were told that all these things are illnesses and you need to heal them..

There was a store near that centre, where you could buy all the needed pills… To «heal» all that..

Luke started to earn lots of money..

He and his team made some pills that didn’t help people.. They were killing people and making them addicts.. The man couldn’t live long without them, he wanted more… But he didn’t solve the problem which he wanted to solve.. He just got new problems… For example, he got some new problems with his voice.. Or hands.. And he was told to take new pills to handle that… And so on..

That people started to call themselves doctors.. But they had nothing in common with the doctors.. The only thing they had was the paper which showed that they had finished the medical university.. And that’s all..

They were pretending they were healing someone.. But in fact they were not.. They were just killing people..


The Queen received the information how much money they earn.. And she announced to the whole planet:

«We have the people on our planet, who earn more than others.. I mean our new friends, our new doctors.. I give them one month to handle all that.. No one can earn more than 100 000!!!»

After some time Luke started a campaign against the Queen.

He was telling the people:

«Look what she is doing!!!!! She is suppressing our rights!!!!! Really!! We want to earn money, but she doesn’t give us such opportunity… Just look!!!! We can’t earn the money. And do you see how many ill people now we have? It’s all because of her… So we should do something!!!!! We should stand up against her!!!!! Let’s change our government!!»

People agreed.

And after some preparation all the people went to the streets and started shouting:

«No Queen! No Queen!»

They walked along the Main Street and started their way to the palace.. The Queen looked out of the window and scared a lot… She whispered to her husband:

«We need to hide.. I know where to go..» she was using their new language..

Inny and Salt took some food and went downstairs. There was a room in the basement. No one knew about that place.. They closed the door.

People were closer and closer…

The Queen was really scared… And she started to tell Salt everything… She told him everything she had ever done, hoping it would help… She was speaking the usual language, because for her it was not important at that moment.. She felt that her death is near. She thought she had nothing to lose. But no one wanted to kill her… People just wanted to change the ruling system… They didn’t want the Queen to rule the planet… They wanted the citizens to rule the planet… Luke helped them to get that idea..

Inny was continuing and continuing telling everything… And when she finished they came… They started to knock on the door…

«Open! Open, Queen!!» people were shouting…

The Queen was very scared!!! She jumped out of the body fast as a bullet…

Her husband Salt looked at her body and thought: «Dead..»

The Queen’s body was burnt as it was traditionally done on that planet…


The thing is that the Queen had a daughter at that moment… And she was old enough… She was twenty years old and she was pregnant…

People sued her as they wanted the full democracy on the planet… And according to the law she had to become the new Queen of the planet..

Well, to be honest, it was the first time when someone was suing someone.. There was no court before that moment.. They had to create it..

Before that moment people were solving all the problems themselves.. They were just communicating with each other and that’s all.. The problems were solved.. People were in good relations and if there was some argue they solved it just with the help of communication… And that’s all..

But not at that time.. Some things changed… And it was difficult for some people to watch other people’s eyes… And it was difficult for some people to communicate with each other… So they had to create a court which was between two people..

The Queen’s daughter’s name was Tina. She won the case, because of the laws.. And Tina became a new Queen of the planet Dzin.. That’s how she called it..

That word was taken from the language Inny created.. It meant «kindness». Tina also knew that language..

The word Dzin was the only word left from that language.. Tina decided not to use it anymore.. She thought that people should be open with each other, they shouldn’t hide anything from each other..

So the new motto of the planet Dzin was «Do good things, help each other..»

First of all, Tina closed «The Centre for healing mental disorders». She didn’t like it that «the doctors» in that centre lied to people and gave them the non-existent disagnoses.. And also they got money for all that.. It’s not fare..

After closing the centre the atmosphere on the planet was becoming better and better… It was more and more calm…


Inny was without the body at that moment..

She was really afraid to come back to the planet.. But she decided to try.. And she decided to get back her role of Queen.. So her idea was to continue ruling the planet, but with a new body..

So she had to take a body in the same family.. Happily her daughter Tina was pregnant, and Inny decided to use her chance..

So the new baby had to be born… Some time was left… Inny thought: «Now I will do that! I will!»

Inny wanted to take that body…


She was late…

Someone else took it..

«No problem… I will not give up..»

Inny decided to take another body..

And she did it..

But it was not a small body.. At all..

When Inny was looking at the planet, she saw a body. It was laying in the forest… A man left it there as it was very difficult to continue living like that… That man was feeling himself very bad.. He had been receiving the «treatment» in «The Centre for healing mental disorders». Unfortunately..

He was asked to take the pills, because he couldn’t sleep at nights. He fell in love with one girl and he was thinking about her all the time.. That’s why he couldn’t sleep.. But he was asked to take the pills…

The only thing he had to do is just to go and to talk with that girl!!!! That’s all!!!!

But he was prescribed the pills which not only made him stop thinking about her at nights, but also made him stop thinking at all!!!!! Because he became a vegetable!!!!!

It was very difficult for him to continue living like that and he went to the forest and left that body there…

Inny didn’t know that story… She could feel it, but she was not so good in using her abilities at that time..

And she was really in a hurry.. She didn’t want to take a small body.. Because she would have to wait for a long time until it would become big.. So she took a body of a big man.. And made it alive..

It was not so easy to move in that body and Inny decided to eat something.. She found some money in the pocket and she went to a cafe.. She bought some food, but her condition didn’t change.. Then she bought some vitamins and took them.. The pills had killed all the vitamins in that body.

Inny’s condition became better a little bit.

She had enough strength to get to the palace..

So she was already there, near the palace..

And she waited until the night..

When she saw that the security guard fell asleep, she came to the palace. She still remembered the password which was needed to enter the palace… She went inside. She went to some room and then she found a room where a small girl was sleeping.. It was Tina’s daughter.. She should become the next Queen of the planet.. She was very small… Inny had a pistol, she took it in the room before..

She shot with the words:

«I am the Queen of this planet!»

She killed a baby..

But she forgot that she was not a Queen already, and if you are not a Queen, than you go to prison in such cases..

Everyone heard that sound in the palace…

Tina came… She started to cry..

«Who are you? What the hell are you doing?» she was crying..

She didn’t wait for the answer.. She said to the security guard:

«Put him into jail! Immediately!!»

Inny was arrested.

Tina added:

«You are crazy!!!!!!!» she was very unhappy..


Inny was imprisoned.. She looked like a man in a black leather jacket with a normal appearance, but with a very sleepy face.. She sat on a bench with the full misunderstanding what to do next..


What about Luke — he really liked all that activity.. With «healing» the people.. He liked to laugh at people.. He didn’t want to stop.. So he decided to continue.. He decided to create something new..

He met his best friend Sunders.

«Hey, I need your help.. You really helped me with creating all that pills. Now we need to make something new.. I’m so happy we finished medical university!! Now it’s time to apply the knowledge!!»

«What’s your idea?»

«We will not heal the people anymore… Enough with that.. We will make people happier!!!!!»

«What do you mean?»

«Well, you will help me to create such things that will change a person’s mood, make him laugh and smile… Okay? It will help people feel themselves better…»

«Can you imagine how bad it would be for the body?»

«No problem.. It’s okay.. Sometimes you should sacrifice something..»


One month passed…

And there were new advertisements on the planet Dzin:

«The new remedy for boredom!! «HAPPYLIFE»!

Now in all pharmacies of the planet.

If you have any questions call 555—666»

It was Luke’s phone number…

So the people started to take «happylife».. Luke was very good at marketing.. His advertisements always worked..

What about «happylife», it was a creation of Sunders, which made a person’s mood better for one hour and then it made it much worse, and a person really wanted to sleep and felt himself very bad..… It affected the body cells.. The more person took «happylife», the less he was able to feel the real happiness in life… He was really becoming an addict..

People who were taking «happylife» were trying to be as much productive as they could during that hour and then they felt themselves very bad…

Some people forgot where to take real energy for life… That’s why they believed «happylife» would help them… They were looking for answers..

It was written on the package of «happylife»: «If you feel bad in the end, it’s okay. Don’t worry. Just take one more..»

And there were people on the planet who were taking «happylife» every day all days long… Their condition was becoming worse and worse… After every package they felt themselves more and more unhappy… They couldn’t live without «happylife». They stopped working and their life was becoming worse and worse…

What is it life without work?!

When you work you help others… When you don’t work…


Inny was still in prison.. She felt herself a little bit better.. She knew that it was possible to get back her freedom by saying the truth.. She could prove that she is Tina’s mother, the previous Queen of the planet.. She could meet Tina and explain her everything… And she could tell her the moments in the past only they both knew… And of course she would ask Tina to forgive her for killing her baby..

Maybe Tina would believe her…

But Inny didn’t try..

What’s the sense?

What would she do in that weak man’s body?

So she started to think what to do next..

«Oh my God… Where am I? What am I doing here?… Oh my God… Life should be different… Oh my God… I need to change something… I just wanted to make a friend, but what’s happening… Oh no… I need to change something… I need to change something…» she thought. «I will become a God!!»

Inny had to get out of the body somehow… And she stopped eating.. At all… She didn’t eat breakfasts… She didn’t eat lunches… She didn’t eat dinners… She didn’t eat at all… She became very skinny… And finally she left the body…

And then she looked at the planet… She saw different things… There were good things, there were bad things..

«Of course I can leave everything as it is… I can go away… That’s what weak people do… But I will not give up… I will not give up…»

And Inny created a male body.. She thought that people will trust a man more than a woman.. Many people think that men are wiser than women… But is that true?

So Inny created a body.. But it was not just a body.. It was not material and it was transparent.. Anyone could go through it.. And also it could go through the buildings or anything else.. It was a little bit white, like a cloud in the sky.. That man had long white hair and long white beard..

So he appeared on the main square.. Very suddenly..

«Hello, my dear friends!! I am very happy to see you here!! I am God!! It means that I will help you.. Maybe you will not see me all the time, but I will always be near… I want to handle everything, to improve the situation on the planet… And I’m counting on your help.. See you.»

And he disappeared.

The God decided to know what Luke was doing at that moment.. And he saw that Luke was discussing a new substance with Sunders..

«So it will make people faster in everything,» Sunders said. «Everyone who will take it will act faster, think faster..»

«What are the consequences?» Luke asked.

«One day unconscious…»

«I see. Good. Let’s call it „Fastlife“.»

Inny thought: «Oh no… What’s happening to this world… Luke… What is he doing???? Why??? He was so nice in the beginning… I should do something about it!!!!!»

When Luke was alone Inny came to him.

«Hi Luke. It’s Inny..»

«Aah that’s you! Hello! I thought I have hallucinations..»

«Why are you doing all that?»

«And why did you become friends with that man, Inny? Why??? I wanted to handle everything..»

«Luke, I’m sorry.. Let’s get back everything..»

«It’s too late, Inny…»

And she disappeared..

«I hate her!»


Luke wrote a letter to Sunders..

«Dear Sunders,

Hi! Thank you very much for all your help.. Could you do me one more favor? I want you to distribute everything we have created… I want all the people to know about «happylife», «fastlife» and so on.. People should know about these things… They should use it… I will give you the information on how to distribute all this, how to make these things very popular… Okay?

Do it! And you will be happy!

See you.

Your friend, Luke..»

Luke sent this letter with all the information on how to distribute all the things..

And then he became a big red creature — a devil.. He decided to be God’s enemy..

Inny started to travel around the planet.. And if she saw something bad somewhere, she appeared there and when people saw her they stopped doing it, because of the fear..

Once she saw people who were drinking some beverages which should have made them funnier and more communicative.. Luke created that drinks with Sunders..

Inny appeared near that guys..

«Do you remember how happy you were when you were just meeting together without all these drinks..? Did you like that time?»

«Yes,» they answered..

«That’s what I’m telling you.. Life is better without these drinks.. Believe me..»

«He is right… Let’s throw them away..»


Inny was happy.. She disappeared..

The devil came after Inny.

«Stop! What are you doing, guys?? Do you want to be bored?? How do you want to spend time together without these drinks? You hate each other..»

They started to think.. And they changed their mind.. They continued drinking..

Then Inny saw somewhere a fight..

She appeared near that guys..

«Hey! What are you doing!?! You are people!! How can you fight with each other..? Stop doing that!!!!»

«Who are you?»

«I am God.. I help people..»

«Okay… You know, we are bored… That’s why we are fighting… That’s the reason..»

«Okay. Then let’s go with me.. Let’s have fun! We are going to save the world!!»

And they went..

But the devil also was very active.. He had ten people in his group.. And they were moving around the planet and making some bad things.. Inny was trying to go after them, but it was too difficult.. Her first purpose was to improve the situation on the planet, but now she also had to clean after Devil Luke..

Inny was upset…

«I’m losing… Nothing works…» she thought.. «I need to start from the beginning…»

And she destroyed all the planet… with the power of her thought… It was burnt in fire.. Everything died..

Except the spirits, of course.. They stayed alive… But they didn’t expect the fire…




Voices in the dark…

«See you, Luke..»


Inny saw some lights in the dark… She didn’t know what it was… It was very beautiful..

«I want to go there..»

And after this thought she went there and took the body there for herself..

It was a planet.

That planet was not round. It was flat (like a football field)… There were the edges… If you jump, you will lose the body.. So it was kinda like a football field with the edges…

There were no adults or kids.. Just the bodies of one age — about 25 years old (that’s how they looked like). But they were new..

The bodies were male and female.. But you don’t have to feed them and they can’t make kids..

So Inny took one of them — a female body.

The name of that planet was «Straightness». The ruler there was Beast. It was his name.

So Inny went out of the «Store of bodies» (it was the name of that place, the bodies were free of course) and first of all she saw the rules of that planet..

There was a nice music playing nearby — it was jazz. It was a late evening..

Very beautiful.. Jazz, lights… Inny was so happy to see all that..

«I will relax for some time..» Inny thought

And she started to read the rules..

«Welcome to the planet „Straightness“!!»

«Not bad,» Inny thought.

«We are very happy you are here!! Welcome!

You can use everything you see here!»

«I like it,» Inny thought. And continued reading.

«The only thing we expect from you is hard work!! You need to work a lot.. It doesn’t matter what exactly you will do.. Just work!! And you will have all that..»

The planet was very beautiful..

«If you work you get some tickets.. You can exchange them for the clothes, for the trips to different parts of this planet and for many other things.. If you don’t work you get nothing.. And also people who don’t work leave this planet.. And one more thing.. You can’t be different… You can’t do anything much better than others… You will be also kicked off…

Just be like everyone… And be happy..»

«I see..» Inny thought.. «This planet is absolutely not for me..»

And she tried to leave the body.. But she failed.. Then she went to the edge of the planet.. She wanted to jump, but she was afraid.. And she decided to stay for some time..


The sun on that planet was different. It was not standing still… It was turning around the planet..

So first of all Inny found a place to live.. It was free.. For people who work..

The more you work the better place for living you get. So when you see a person with a rich apartment you know — he works a lot..

Inny got one bed in the room in an apartment. In that room there were also other people.. It was a women’s room.


Inny went to the street.. She went to the cafe where she heard jazz music.. It was a recording as real musical instruments were forbidden on that planet.. It was the decision of Beast, the ruler of that planet..

Inny entered the cafe..

«Good evening..» she said.

«Good evening,» the waiter answered.

«Which food do you have here?»

«We have the impressions.. Where would you like to go?»

«I want to go home..»

«I understand you… But unfortunately it is impossible… So where would you like to go, miss?»

«I want to go home..»

«I really understand you… Can I help you somehow?»

«Which options do you have?»

«We have three options.. You can go to the beach, to the forest or to the highest point of this planet.. What would you like choose?»

«I would like to go to the highest point of this planet..»

«Okay. Just give me three tickets and with these super-glasses I’ll send you to the highest point of this planet.. Just wear them.. You’ll see.»

It was just an illusion.. Just a movie you could watch..

«I don’t have any tickets.. I just came..»

«I see… Would you like to work with us? We have a vacant place..»

«Why not..»

«Great! See you tomorrow at 9:30.»

Inny went to the street..

«Oh. My. God. Where am I? What am I doing here??? It’s the biggest trap in the world..» And she started to cry..

«Dear lady, you can’t cry here…» it was Beast..

«But what can I do here?? I can’t do this.. I can’t do that..»

«Sit down, please.. I will tell you something..»

They sat on a bench.

«My name is Beast.. I am the ruler of this planet..» he was very handsome.. He differed from other citizens of that planet.. His beauty pulled in the attention.. Also he was very polite, and it was also very nice.. Ladies liked it…

And by the way, it was possible to make families on that planet… Just without kids..

«Nice to meet you. I’m Inny.»

«Inny.. I heard about you a lot.. You are a very nice and very kind person.. And you are very capable! Let me propose you a job you will love a lot.. You’ve never dreamt of such things.. Can I tell you?»

«I have nothing to lose..»

«Great. Inny, people on this planet act almost the same. They go to work, they go to sleep.. And it is forbidden to show any emotions here.. You can’t show happiness, you can’t show sadness.. You will hear that on your first working day…»

«I see. But why is it forbidden?»

«Good question. Very good.. Because it can upset someone.. For example, you walk down the street, you smile… And, for example, another person has a bad mood. Do you understand that it would upset him? He has no reason to smile..»

«Or, for example,» he continued, «you go and cry.. And someone is very happy. And you will upset him… You understand? We found something between… You can’t show any emotions except little smile. Also you can’t play musical instruments on our planet.. Because when you play musical instruments, it can raise someone’s mood.. But it is forbidden to be in a very good mood here.. Now you understand?»

«Interesting.. So which job do you want to offer, Mister Beast?»

«I want you to work in our government. I have a special post for you,» he was smiling a little bit. «It’s not the only planet I have created so far.. I have one more.. But it’s a secret. And you mustn’t tell it to anyone.. My second planet is called „Home“. There is lots of nature, animals, seas, rivers, lakes… There are several oceans.. That planet has no end.. If you go forward sooner or later you will come to the same point.. It’s a sphere.. And you can’t leave that planet.. That’s how I made it.. There are people on that planet.. They can do anything.. They can laugh.. They can cry… But.. Unfortunately they will never leave that planet.. They are very small when they get born, then they become bigger.. Then they become old and then they think that they die.. They think that it is the end of their life.. But then they start from the beginning.. And all the same.. Of course, they are not dying in fact.. But they have no idea about that.. After their „death“ they forget everything… There were several times when people made the wars there.. Some of them were fatal.. No one stayed alive.. But they continue doing that.. And no one can stop that… It is impossible, Inny.. So I send there some types of people… I don’t like people who don’t work… I don’t like people who work too much… I don’t like people who live against my rules.. I don’t like too clever people… I send them all to planet Home.. And I offer you a post. You will be responsible for sending people to planet Home.. If you agree, of course.. You will be the ruler of all that activity… You will have lots of power.. If you agree.. Do you want me to show you the station? It’s the place, from which we send the people..»

«Thank you… Not today.. Too much information for today.. I will go to sleep.. I need to think..»

«Is the week enough for you?»

«Yes. See you..»

«And one more thing, Inny.. You will have the best apartment if you agree..»

«Okay. Good night.»

«You too, Inny.. Don’t tell anyone our secret..»

And she left…

One more time she came to the edge of the planet..

«If I jump now… If I jump now, I will never fix anything… And I’ll have ignore everything that happens in this universe.. I can’t do it it like this.. Everything that happens happens because of me… And I should fix it.. It’s all because of me.. I need to do something.. It’s my responsibility.. So let’s do it!!!!! I’ll do it!!»

And she went home..

She was passing the «Store of bodies». And she saw some man, who was leaving that place.. It looked like he just took the body. It looked like he liked the body and he was thinking: «Very nice.. I look very nice..» And he put the dust out of the jacket..

Inny continued her way.. But something pulled her attention back..

«Luke?» she thought.

She continued her way..

She came to her bed and went to sleep.. «I hope in the morning I’ll laugh at it as it was a very funny dream..» she thought before she fell asleep..


Inny woke up.. There was a very loud noise on the whole planet… It was an alarm that meant that you need to wake up and to go to your job. It was for everyone.. At 8 in the morning..

«Oh no… I’m still here..»

And she started her way to work.

There were about 50 people in the apartment: men and women.. Everyone was getting ready for work.. There were about 10 doors in the hall: each one led to the bathroom..

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